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GROK Conversation Cards For Kids


Ages: 3-10 Years
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Loved by Teachers

Conversation cards for kids to strengthen relationships by boosting listening skills, self-confidence, emotional intelligence, and creating interactive fun activities. Includes 29 feelings cards, 29 needs cards beautifully illustrated with bears.


Unlock Meaningful Communication

Conversation cards for families to spend quality time. Makes it easier for parents & children to share thoughts to get to know each other better. Comes with 22 games to make vacations, dinner routines, and road trips memorable & joyful!


Spark Connections With Kids

Whether you're a teacher, a babysitter, a child psychologist, or a parent, this deck is loaded with thought-provoking table talk games, essential to make your daily interaction with kids more fun. Makes family relations strong & healthy.


Family Fun Activities

Comes with strategies to equip your kids with interpersonal and coping skills. With no correct answer to the questions, this makes it fun, simple & positive. Helps children to express thoughts, personal feelings, and values with parents easily.


Developed by Experts

Grok’s cards reflect over 30 years of experience in the field of human relationships and have been developed by professionals trained in child development and Nonviolent Communication.

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