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Growing Up Montessori Puzzle Ball


Ages: 3-12 Months
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You can feel good about what your baby plays with. It’s all organic material and stuffing (no synthetic polyester filling).


Made with sturdy undyed organic cotton denim with blue organic thread stitching, undyed organic French terry cloth, and organic cotton thread. Filled with organic Kapok fiber. 5 inches in diameter. It’s made in 3 parts that can be taken apart and put back together like a puzzle. The loop is sewn in for hanging.


A classic Montessori material made to engage the child for the first year and beyond.


At first, the baby will enjoy gazing at the ball hung from a mobile arm or from the ceiling. As she develops arm and leg strength, the ball will encourage her to reach, bat, and kick. Baby will see that her movements affect her environment as the ball swings.


Next baby will reach for the ball placed in front of her during tummy time. The design of the ball allows it to roll just far enough, encouraging the baby to reach and scoot towards the ball each time it moves.


Later while sitting or standing, the baby will grasp the ball with one or both hands, pass the ball between hands, and toss and catch the ball.


Even later children will enjoy taking puzzle balls apart and putting them back together, developing fine motor skills, spatial thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Growing Up Montessori Puzzle Ball

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