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Guidecraft 3D Feel & Find


Ages: 3 Years and Up
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Children 3 and up will love this wooden shape and tile matching game complete with 20 wooden shapes and matching, textured tiles provided in a durable canvas bag.

Complete with 20 wooden shapes and matching, textured tiles provided in a durable canvas bag. Deal out the tiles and children reach into the bag to feel and find the corresponding wooden shape. Includes geometric and object shapes. Pieces can also be used as 20 mini whole-object puzzles! Safe non-toxic paints.



  • Wooden shape and tile matching game to reinforce cognitive development
  • Set includes 40 chunky puzzle pieces and canvas bag with drawstring
  • Find a shape and match the symbols to the tiles
  • Chunky puzzle pieces
  • Material: Rubberwood, MDF, chipboard and canvas bag
  • Educational focus: visual and tactile exercises, matching skills and color identification
  • Suggested age: 3+

Guidecraft 3D Feel & Find

  • Non-Toxic

Guidecraft is a leading furniture and educational toy brand based in the US. All their products are child-safe.

They strive to nurture children through their toys and children's furniture. One of their best collaborations is with Martha Stewart.

In 1966, Fred Fein founded Guidecraft in a woodshop in New York State. The company was later owned and directed by Fred's son, Jason Fein. He expanded the business internationally with exclusive products.

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