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Guidecraft Rainbow Blocks Shimmering Water


Ages: 2 Years and Up
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Enhance traditional block play with this set of 8 Rainbow Blocks in various shapes filled with shimmering water.

A great addition to the block play family. Smooth hardwood frames with acrylic windows; choose from shimmering water, sand or crystal bead interiors. Sized to standard unit block measurements. Eight blocks per package: 4 rectangle and 4 half moon shapes. Features inset windows and liquid in varying colors. Ages 2 years and up.


Guidecraft is a leading furniture and educational toy brand based in the US. All their products are child-safe.

They strive to nurture children through their toys and children's furniture. One of their best collaborations is with Martha Stewart.

In 1966, Fred Fein founded Guidecraft in a woodshop in New York State. The company was later owned and directed by Fred's son, Jason Fein. He expanded the business internationally with exclusive products.

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