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HABA Board Game My Very First Games First Orchard


Ages: 2-3 Years
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These classic toddler games have been enjoyed by families for over 30 years. The perfect first board game for 1-4 players ages 2 years and up. This develops social skills such as taking turns and following directions while reinforcing color recognition, quantities, and counting by ones with these best-selling preschool games.

These cooperative board games allow players to work together as a team to roll the dice and pick the matching fruit from the orchard before the raven makes it down the path to steal it all. If the players harvest all the fruits before the raven reaches the orchard, they win together! If the raven gets there first, they lose together. Repetitive play helps teach winning and losing and nurtures little gamers.

Quality components of these kids games include: 16 large wooden fruit pieces (4 green apples, 4 red apples, 4 yellow pears, 4 blue plums), chunky color die, wood raven, 5 path cards, and 4 trees).


Helps to Learn

Sorting & categorizing
Colors & shapes


Supports Social Skills

Turn taking
Team spirit & cooperation
Following directions

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