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HABA Kringelring Wooden Baby Rattle


Ages: 6-18 Months
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The hand-crafted Kringelring features a pliable ring of rainbow-colored, beech wood beads threaded on a sturdy elastic band. The smaller plastic rings are made of BPA-free plastic.


With its vibrant colors and pleasant rattling sounds, children from around the world have come to love this heirloom-quality grasping toy.


Measuring 3.75-inch in diameter, the Kringelring is safe for teething and has been tested to the highest EU and US safety standards.


For HABA responsibility is written in capital letters. They use wood that comes from sustainable forestry in Germany.


When applying colors, HABA uses multiple layers of water-based, solvent-free lacquers making the surface extremely resistant to wear and tear allowing the toy to be taken from the hand to the mouth.


Cleaning instructions: Simply wipe with a damp cloth. The stain will sometimes bleed but there is no need to worry as the colorful stain and clear finish are all water-based, non-toxic, and completely safe. HABA Toys meet or exceed all US and EU Safety Standards for Toys.

HABA Kringelring Wooden Baby Rattle

  • Baby-Friendly
  • Baby-Safe Materials
  • Solvent-Free Lacquers
  • Water-Based Paint

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