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HAJACK Step Stool Natural


Ages: 3 Years and Up
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Attached Non-Slip Mats

HAJACK puts 6 pieces of small non-slip mats and 4 pieces of large non-slip mats in each box in order to prevent your toddlers from slipping and falling down.


A Right-Angle Design

Designed in a right-angle structure, the feet of the step stool is perfectly perpendicular to the ground so that the stool could fit the wall well, which improves the stool’s stability.


Smooth Safe Angle

Each surface of boards is strictly polished in an excellent craftsmanship which assures the angles are smooth without burr to protect your babies’ little hands.


Super-Quality Wood Material

HAJACK's step stools are made from durable and super-quality natural wood materials without MDF. It is sturdy and strong enough for kids to use.


Perfect Stool Size

Measures 13.3 inches long, 13.4 inches wide, and 13 inches tall, this step stool is suitable for kids to use hand wash and kitchen sink.


Excellent Load-Bearing Capacity

The load-bearing of our step stool is up to 200 lbs with a thickness of 0.66 inches and it will not break and crack when toddlers are standing on.


Accompanied Two Handles

The holes on both sides work as two handles to make the stool easier to be carried for kids. This design will bring a lot fun for kids to play at home.


Elaborately Packed Box

Packed in a box with the pattern of a cute donkey, this step stool is also a wonderful gift choice for your kids on their birthday and holidays.


Timely Problem-Solving

HAJACK's products are provided with a 3-year tracking. Any problems you meet when purchasing our products could always be solved well and immediately!

HAJACK Step Stool Natural

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