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Hand2Mind Dice Game Rolling for Feelings

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Ages: 5-12 Years
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Emotional Regulation for Kids

Children will want to roll these fun cubes again and again as they learn to recognize and express feelings! The jumbo wooden dice provide 3 levels of play.


Fun Games for Family Game Night

The Rolling for Feelings Dice Game features sturdy wooden cubes with emotive faces and characters for creative, active play.


Social Emotional Games for Kids

As children roll the dice and portray the feelings shown on the dice as themselves or different characters, they build social-emotional skills in a fun, engaging way.


Imaginative Play Toy

Young learners will also build emotional vocabulary, practice taking turns, and use their imagination as they draw, tell stories, and act out feelings through interactive cooperative play.


School Counselor Supplies

This set includes 7 jumbo wooden dice (3 feelings dice representing 18 different feelings; 3 characters dice representing fantasy, animals, and careers; and 1 symbol die with prompts for gameplay), a feelings poster, and a game guide.

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