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Hape Activity Cube Country Critters

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Ages: 12 Months-6 Years
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Independent and Educational Play

Multiple Sides of Play to Encourage Imagination and Storytelling

The Country Critters Play Cube features different animal friends and multiple sides of play space to inspire young imaginations.

Side 1: Bead Adventureland
The frog is starving with his giant mouth open! Help the fish and bugs to escape, or they will be frog's dinner! Great for logical thinking and dexterity.

Side 2: Shape Sorter
Six different shapes help kids learn to differentiate and build early identification skills.

Side 3: Stand in Line
Get the colored mammal heads in a line according to the color code of the bubbles. Expands children's understanding of colors and coordination.

Side 4: Rotating Honeycomb
Which cell will your bee pal live in? Turn the honeycomb and try to send your bee where he wants to go. Teaches children about honeycombs and different types of bees.

Side 5: Tap to the Bottom
Tap the balls to wire tracks with a hammer and watch how they wander to the bottom. Great for strengthening arm muscles and recognizing colors.


Design and Materials

This toddler activity cube is made from wood sourced from environmentally sustainable forests. The solid wood construction ensures durability, so your child can enjoy years of fun. The cube is child-safe finished with non-toxic water-based paint.


Child Skill Development

This toy activity cube encourages problem-solving and logical development. It helps kids start and finish challenges, motor skills, and perseverance through solving problems while having fun.



Do not wash

Hape Activity Cube Country Critters

  • Child-Safe
  • Non-Toxic
  • Water-Based Paint

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