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Heir+Loom Kids Montessori 8-12 Month Puzzles Collection


Ages: 8 Months and Up
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This set includes everything pictured (in order of developmental progression):

The palmar block, the ball and cup, the pincer block, the single circle puzzle, the three first shape puzzles, the three peg block, and the four stacking blocks.


The Palmar Block

The palmar grasp block is to be given to children as early as 8-9 months. It is considered a type of the first puzzle for the child. This material aids in developing the palmar grasp (the whole hand grasp). As the child learns that the cylinder should be placed back into the base, he/she uses the palmar grasp to grab onto it and pull it out, then attempts to place it back into the hole. This item builds concentration and fine motor skills. These blocks are made of solid ash with a maple rod and sealed with flaxseed oil so they are totally non-toxic. The dimensions are: 2.5 inches L x 1.75 inches W.


The Ball and Cup

The Montessori ball and cup is a classic Montessori material aimed at promoting hand-eye coordination in the infant. Babies who are working on this skill will concentrate on removing the ball and replacing it in its place repeatedly. This material is meant to be offered from about 8-9 months onward. It is great practice for babies in using both hands at once: the baby will hold onto the cup in one hand and the ball in the other. Unlike most other suppliers of the ball and cup, Heir+Loom Kids actually drills the cup here in their shop from ash. The ball is made of birch. Cup dimensions: 2 inches tall x 2.25 diameter. Ball dimensions: 1.75 inches (to ensure no choking hazard).


The Pincer Block

The pincer grasp develops after the palmar grasp. This material should be offered at around 9 months when you begin to notice the child working hard to grasp objects with the thumb and forefinger. Children love to practice this grasp, and this material is perfect for helping them perfect it. Children also love to switch the pincer and palmar blocks back and forth between bases. Made of solid ash with a maple rod and sealed with our blend of flaxseed oil and beeswax. The pincer grasp block does contain a small knob (perfectly sized for practicing the pincer grasp). It should be inspected each time the child uses it to ensure that the knob has not come loose. Dimensions: 2.25 inches L x 1.75 inches W.


The Single Circle Puzzle

The circle single-shape puzzle is the first of the single-shape puzzles to be introduced to the child once he/she has mastered the pincer (thumb and forefinger) grasp. This puzzle allows children to practice the pincer grasp while also nesting a shape in the correct position. It further refines development and concentration. Children as young as 9-11 months old (depending upon individual development) can practice the task of fitting the circle back into its place. The circle is introduced first as it is the easiest for the child to fit. Introducing one puzzle at a time is best for the young child until he/she has mastered each piece individually. Made of a solid cherry base with a maple circle. Again, the knob should be inspected to ensure it has not come loose. Use under adult supervision. Approximately 5 inches square.


The Three First Shape Puzzles

These puzzles are made of solid cherry wood with three shapes for the baby to practice: circle, square, and triangle. Start by introducing the circle shape (with base) in conjunction with the single-circle puzzle. Progress to introducing the square puzzle, then the triangle. Once the baby can replace all shapes individually, he/she is ready for the challenge of working on the puzzles altogether. This is referred to as the skill of shape discrimination. Babies typically reach this milestone somewhere around the 10-12 month mark. Dimensions: pieces- 1.75 inches bases- 2.5 inches.


The Three Peg Block

Once your child has mastered removing an object and placing it back, he/she is ready for the skill of size discrimination! Heir+Loom Kids have kept this block simple: 3 cylinders of varying sizes, from largest diameter to smallest. Each cylinder is made of a different wood type to further emphasize the different diameters for the child. Wood types used are maple, cherry, and walnut. Natural wood tones, rather than stains, produce the color variances in the cylinders. The block is made of cherry. Dimensions: 2 inches x 2 inches x 5 inches.


Four Stacking Blocks

Heir+Loom Kids blocks are made of solid cherry and sealed with flaxseed oil. Babies in this age bracket love the challenge of learning to stack items on top of one another and especially love knocking the tower down. Dimensions: 1.75 inches x1.75 inches.


You may notice very slight variances or imperfections in Heir+Loom Kids products, as these toys are handmade. If you ever have any issues with your products, do not hesitate to contact us. Heir+Loom Kids will make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your products every time.



Never submerge or rinse these toys in water. Doing so will raise the grain of the wood and roughen it. Instead, wipe with a slightly damp cloth to clean.

Heir+Loom Kids

Heir+Loom Kids is an educational wooden toy company. They produce the toys in the US and they draw inspiration from Montessori education.

Heir+Loom Kids offers heirloom toys that help children practice one skill at a time. This will enable them to stay focused. Their toys are safe and made by a small team in GA, USA.

Heir+Loom Kids was started by Janishi, a mother of 3. She started the company because she couldn’t find Montessori toys made in America. She then decided to create the company.

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