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Heir+Loom Kids Personalized Wooden Name Puzzle 4 Letters Maple


Ages: 1-3 Years
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Heir+Loom Kids wooden name puzzles are a great tool to introduce your child to the spelling of his/her name! Kinesthetic activities, such as doing puzzles can help children to remember better the things they are learning. For this reason, a child with a name puzzle will have the opportunity to recognize and remember the spelling of his/her name before he/she is able to write. Not only will your child be working with his/her own name, but puzzles are great for:

Fine motor skills
Hand-eye Coordination
Developing Grasp
Enhancing Concentration

Heir+Loom Kids puzzles are made of solid cherry and maple. Upon ordering, indicate the number of letters in your child's name and your preference for the wood tone of the base of your puzzle: cherry (the darker tone) or maple (the lighter tone).

Be sure to email the name of your child to along with your order number immediately after ordering to ensure there is no delay in completing your order.

Name puzzles are created to mirror how your child will typically see/learn to write his name with the first letter in capital and the rest in lowercase.

Letters in our puzzles are .75 inches thick and approximately 1.75-2 inches in height/diameter depending on the letter. Please note some letters may be small enough to fit in the mouth, such as 'r' or 's.' Ensure supervision for children under 3. Base size will vary depending on the name of the child.

All puzzles are finished with a blend of flaxseed oil and beeswax.

Please leave your child's name in the 'Special Instructions for Seller' box upon checkout.

Heir+Loom Kids Personalized Wooden Name Puzzle 4 Letters Maple

  • Child-Safe
  • Flaxseed Oil
Heir+Loom Kids

Heir+Loom Kids is an educational wooden toy company. They produce the toys in the US and they draw inspiration from Montessori education.

Heir+Loom Kids offers heirloom toys that help children practice one skill at a time. This will enable them to stay focused. Their toys are safe and made by a small team in GA, USA.

Heir+Loom Kids was started by Janishi, a mother of 3. She started the company because she couldn’t find Montessori toys made in America. She then decided to create the company.

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