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Heir+Loom Kids Three Ring Stacker


Ages: 12-18 Months
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Montessori Ring stacker

Heir+Loom Kids ring stacker is modeled after the traditional Montessori stacker (3 discs on a vertical dowel). Because the stacker only has three pieces, toddlers can easily see the concept of small, medium, and large. Toddlers do not only practice their skills by placing the discs on the dowel, but they also have the opportunity to practice ordering the rings by size.

Each ring is made of a different wood type in order to produce contrasting wood tones. This contrast emphasizes the order of the rings for the child. Because the color changes are produced only through natural wood tones, there is no concern about the safety of the stain or paint used. The only thing added to Heir+Loom Kids stacking toy is the beeswax and oil sealant they use on all of their products.

This is a wonderful material for enhancing your child's fine motor control, hand-eye coordination, and sense of order.

Developmentally appropriate for 12 months and up
Made of solid maple, walnut, and cherry
Non-toxic beeswax/oil sealant
Made in the USA in Heir+Loom Kids workshop

Base: 3.75 inches diameter
Rings: 1.75 inches to 3.25 inches
Post: .75 inches (solid walnut)

Heir+Loom Kids Three Ring Stacker

  • Baby-Friendly
  • Baby-Safe Materials
  • Child-Safe
  • Non-Toxic
Heir+Loom Kids

Heir+Loom Kids is an educational wooden toy company. They produce the toys in the US and they draw inspiration from Montessori education.

Heir+Loom Kids offers heirloom toys that help children practice one skill at a time. This will enable them to stay focused. Their toys are safe and made by a small team in GA, USA.

Heir+Loom Kids was started by Janishi, a mother of 3. She started the company because she couldn’t find Montessori toys made in America. She then decided to create the company.

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