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Heir+Loom Kids Wooden Shape Sorter Maple


Ages: 12 Months and Up
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This unique shape sorter is designed with 4 distinct shapes: circle (sphere), triangle (triangular prism), square (cube), and rectangle (rectangular prism). It is a great toy to use in conjunction with Heir+Loom Kids shape puzzles. The shapes are designed so that the child has practiced matching the 2D holes to the 3D shapes. This is a classic developmental toy that not only gives toddlers practice with shape discrimination but also cause and effect. Children delight in seeing the objects fall through the holes when they discover the correct holes for them.

The design of this shape sorter is wonderful for a younger child who is new to the concept. If your child is not quite ready for all 4 shapes, simply present the child with only the top side first; the circle and square shapes. Then, allow the child to discriminate between these shapes, the two easiest shapes for a young toddler. It can be used with children 12 months or older.

When all the shapes have fallen through, the child can practice opening and closing the gate, which allows for retrieval of the shapes. Your child will love lifting the gate up and down to dump the shapes out.

This shape sorter is made with solid walnut or maple wood and sealed with an oil/beeswax blend. It is lightweight to allow children to carry it around. The shapes are made of birch and ash. At 1.75 inches the ball is large enough not to become a choking hazard. The overall size is approximately 6 x 6 inches.

Heir+Loom Kids

Heir+Loom Kids is an educational wooden toy company. They produce the toys in the US and they draw inspiration from Montessori education.

Heir+Loom Kids offers heirloom toys that help children practice one skill at a time. This will enable them to stay focused. Their toys are safe and made by a small team in GA, USA.

Heir+Loom Kids was started by Janishi, a mother of 3. She started the company because she couldn’t find Montessori toys made in America. She then decided to create the company.

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