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Henoyso Sandpaper Letters & Numbers

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Ages: 3-6 Years
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Practical Teaching Aid

There is 1 set of lower and capital case sandpaper letters (A-Z, a-z) and 1 set of sandpaper numbers (0-9). The sandpaper letter board consists of 26 upper and 26 lower case sand letter boards with wooden boxes to separate lower and capital letters. The sandpaper number board consists of 0-9, a total of 10 sandboards, and a box. The combination of the 2 teaching aids is suitable for children's learning of numbers and letters. You will get 3 boxes in total.


Letter Tracing

These sensory letters allow children to understand writing before they even hold a pencil. Children use three of the five senses, touch, hearing, and sight to learn the sound and composition of each letter. Use fingers to perceive the writing and order of letters, and to prepare for writing letters. Children need to read the pronunciation when tracing to establish the connection between letter pronunciation and letter structure.


Number Perception

Children use their fingers to touch the numbers on the sandpaper, cultivate children's number writing and stroke order, develop a tactile sense and hand muscle control, and prepare for writing numbers.


Practice Capital Case and Lowercase Usage

Sandpaper letters guide handwriting as the child marks the shape of the letter according to the style and direction of writing. All lowercase letters are pink and capital case letters are blue.


Reliable Material and Proper Size

These sandpaper letters and numbers are made of wood and sandpaper materials with beautiful textures. Each letter board is approximately 3.7 x 2.9 inches, and the number board is approx. 5.5 x 3.5 inches, suitable for kids to grip.


Learn by Playing

These cards have bright colors, are printed with rich content, and are eye-catching. A baby will be familiar with them with the process of playing and then be able to recognize the meaning of each letter and number. Baby can get basic knowledge in a relaxed and joyful method.

Boost brain development

Enhance recognition ability

Extend thinking space


By observing, touching, and listening to these cards, babies will know, speak even write these contents easily before going to school, which is helpful for babies' comprehensive development in the future.

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