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IFIT Cylinder Blocks Mini Natural


Ages: 3 Years and Up
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Set of 4 wood blocks with knobbed inset cylinders varying in height and/or diameter in each block.

This set is simply a smaller version of the regular cylinder blocks. As in the regular set, the mini set includes four blocks with pieces that vary in height and/or diameter, but the mini set has only five cylinders in each block where the regular set has ten.

The purpose of this product is to help develop the child's visual discrimination of size. Indirectly, it also prepares the child for writing through the handling of the cylinders by their knobs. Also indirectly prepares the child for later work in Mathematics, through observation of the regular differences in the cylinders.



Mini/Homeschool size
Materials: Natural, unfinished wood
Block dimensions: 15 cm x 4 cm x 3.5 cm
Cylinder dimensions: 1-3 cm (height), 1-3 cm (diameter)
Varies by 0.5 cm increments

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