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IFIT Golden Bead Material N Beads


Ages: 4-8 Years
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The Golden Bead Material introduces the child to the decimal system with concrete representations of the hierarchy of numbers. Quantity and place value are explored by the child through activities in the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Comprises a variety of golden bead materials representing the units place to the thousands, as well as wooden hundred squares and thousand cubes, along with corresponding place value number cards, all contained in three wooden trays.

This set includes:
6 wooden cups, painted gold
100 golden bead units with a wooden tray
45 golden bead bars of ten with a wooden box
10 golden bead hundred squares
1 golden bead thousand cube
1 set of 45 wooden hundred squares
1 set of 9 wooden thousand cubes
1 set of small number cards 1-9000
3 sets of small number cards 1-3000
1 set of large number cards 1-1000
1 set of large number cards 1-9000
3 additional wooden storage trays

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