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IGLU Soft Play 28-Piece Set


Ages: 1-3 Years
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IGLU Soft Play equipment is specifically designed to develop children's motor skills, enhance balance, and promote spatial awareness, all while providing a fun and engaging play experience.



IGLU products meet the highest quality standards. Every stage, from foam production to sewing, is carefully checked to ensure superior craftsmanship. IGLU uses the best materials.



IGLU products are certified to comply with US and EU safety standards, guaranteeing it is free from harmful substances, making them safe for children to use.



Proudly made in Latvia, an EU country, IGLU Soft Play equipment is crafted with precision (ensuring durability and longevity). It’s made of PE foam and covered with vegan leather (PVC).



You get a 2-year warranty with IGLU products (kids' indoor climbers & play structures), but it will last well beyond that due to exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

IGLU Soft Play 28-Piece Set

  • Child-Friendly
  • Child-Safe
  • High-Quality

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