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Infantino Jumbo Pat & Play Water Mat Whale


Ages: 3 Months and Up
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Fillable water mat for tummy time and sensory play complete with squishy tail and safety edges, for interactive and mess-free water play while learning cause and effect.


Developmental Benefits

The mat helps the baby to engage head and neck muscles while encouraging grasping and batting to refine motor skills with floating sea pals.


Great for Gifting

This mat is packaged in easy-to-wrap packaging and is a suitable gift for any occasion including baby showers, birthdays, Christmas, Easter, and more.


How It Works

Simply fill the outer edge with air, and the inner mat with water until it reaches the fill line then drain and deflate for compact storage or on-the-go entertainment.


Infantino, Smartly Designed Products for Happy Parenting

Infantino designs smartly, they have fun and they are overjoyed when an idea evolves full circle into a product loved and used daily by parents everywhere.

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