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IoF Teethers 12-Piece Natural Wooden


Ages: 1 Month and Up
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Safe and Natural

These baby teething toys are made from natural wood with smooth surfaces, free from paint, and non-toxic, ensuring your baby's safety.


Set of 12

The set includes adorable animal shapes such as cats, dogs, fish, birds, and elephants, offering a variety of choices for your little one, and you can DIY a variety of necklaces, pacifier chains, bracelets, etc., to reduce baby anxiety.


Pain Relief

The wooden teething toys provide soothing relief for your baby's teething discomfort and offer a comforting sensation.


Handcrafted Quality

Each teether is carefully handmade, guaranteeing reliable quality and long-lasting durability.



Suitable for babies aged from infants to toddlers, these teething toys are an ideal choice for the teething stage. Designed to the size of a baby's finger, they can easily be used to relieve teething pain and provide hours of entertainment.

IoF Teethers 12-Piece Natural Wooden

  • Non-Toxic
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