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iPlay, iLearn Rattle Toys Farm


Ages: 0-12 Months
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Farm Animals Design

Fall in love with the exquisite craftsmanship. Jingle Lamb, Jingle Puppy, Jingle Duck, and Squeaky Donkey all live together in the versatile red house with a mirror.

Play & Learn

Stimulate vision with the included mirror, strengthen muscles by squeezing to make noises, improve fine motor skills by shaking rattles, and develop sensory functions through sounds.

Convenient to Carry

The whole rattle set can be packed into the cute red house and hung on the stroller or hand carried. You can take it everywhere to keep your baby entertained.

Must-Have Gift

Visually one of the most popular plush toys. This is a must-have for babies aged 3 months and up. New and soon-to-be mothers look no further than here.

So Many Purposes

Playmates during the day, calming companions at night, eye-catching charms, and so much more! Tip: Use it at night as an ornament in the baby's room to create a warm atmosphere.

iPlay, iLearn Rattle Toys Farm

  • Baby-Friendly

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