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Jolie Vallee Toddler Climbing Arch 3-in-1

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Ages: 1-3 Years
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Montessori Jolie Vallee Toddler Climbing Arch 3-in-1

Classic and Sophisticated Design

Beautiful curves and rainbow-colored bottom attracts your child's attention even more. Even in your child's bedroom or in the living room of your home, the climbing arch can be a beautiful sight.


Functional Diversity

Beautiful wooden rainbow rocking chairs can carry small children to enjoy pleasant afternoons. Turn the chair over and it becomes a colorful climbing frame. Children can easily climb around on it, which helps exercise the muscles of their hands and legs.


High-Quality Materials

Engineered from solid hardwood and premium fabric. They provide added stability and durability for your little one. All wood and edges are finished to be smooth and no harm to your child. This rocking chair is certified safe by EN71 and ASTM.


Easy to Clean

Smooth wood panel surface, there is no edge that can bump the children. It also makes cleaning more convenient. The safe paint doesn’t produce odors and wiping the arch won’t dull the colorful wood.


A Fabulous Gift

The toddlers and preschoolers in your life will get hours of fun as well as developmental benefits from this beautiful toy.

Jolie Vallee Toddler Climbing Arch 3-in-1

  • ASTM International
  • Child-Safe
  • EN71 Certification
  • High-Quality
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