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JuJuBeeGoods Colorful Playroom Garland 4 Feet Spaced


Ages: 0 Months and Up
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Montessori JuJuBeeGoods Colorful Playroom Garland 4 Feet Spaced

Transform your little one's playroom into a colorful wonderland with this handmade playroom felt ball garland! Featuring a playful combination of vibrant colors and textures, this garland is perfect for creating a fun and interactive environment for kids. Whether you're looking to add some Montessori-inspired decor to your playroom or simply want to brighten up the space with a pop of color, this versatile garland is sure to delight both children and adults alike. Handcrafted with care using high-quality 100% wool felt balls, this garland is not only beautiful but also durable and long-lasting.

Spaced felt balls are meant to be spaced approximately 2 inches apart. There are no knots between the balls so you customize the position of the balls on the garland. The balls will grip the string, allowing for them to stay in their place.



Colors: Raspberry, tangerine, citrus, robin's egg, bright coral, bubblegum, aqua, mustard, and violet.
2.5 cm balls made of 100% wool (about the size of a quarter).
Strung on a white cotton string.
Guaranteed to arrive tangle-free!



4 feet, spaced = 16 felt balls on garland.

JuJuBeeGoods Colorful Playroom Garland 4 Feet Spaced

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