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Kidodido Climbing Arch


Ages: 6 Months-7 Years
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Precise Safety

The climbing toy for small children made of wood (birch and linden) is subject to strict quality controls and checked several times. Splinters or sharp edges are avoided by a particularly fine cut. Suitable for toddlers and babies aged 6 months to 7 years.


Absolute Fun

The indoor climbing frames can combine with different parts: climbing triangle, climbing arch, pillow for arches, various climbing walls, and sliding board. Wooden toys offer an enormous range of possibilities and never get boring.


Learning Effect

Climbing frames support your children's learning, the development of spatial thinking, estimating distances and heights as well as coordination and a sense of balance.


Premium Quality

The children's climbing frame is a great activity toy made of natural wood without the use of any harmful chemicals. The climbing toy is the perfect indoor playground for the children's room and is extremely popular as a first birthday present.


Easy Installation

The climbing device is easy to assemble and the extensive instructions help with assembly. Premium screws and material hold all the rushes together safely and sustainably. If you have any questions, Kidodido is always ready to help.

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