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KOLEIYA Mini D Handle Shovel Wood


Ages: 3-6 Years
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Kids Shovel

Children can use it in gardens and sandboxes, and it is more suitable for digging sand on the beach to build a sand castle. It can also be used as a children's snow shovel in winter. The shovel weighs only 1.7 pounds, and children can handle it completely. Please give up the plastic shovel in your hand and buy a real sustainable shovel for your child.


Shovel for Adults

Easy to dig small to medium holes for plants/vegetable gardens. Removing snow from around my tires during harsh winters. Perfect for you to turn compost and level beds, metal detection, and clam digging on the beach. A short handle gives you more leverage which is great for people with less upper body strength.


Mini Shovel

A well-built mini-shovel that can handle a variety of heavy-duty applications. The overall length is 28 inches. The shovel is ideal for working in tight spaces allowing for good maneuverability. You can easily put him in a camping backpack or car trunk without taking up too much space.


Super Material

This is a metal shovel, spade head which uses high-temperature quenching to increase the hardness of the shovel head. It will not be damaged or deformed when contacting hard objects. The metal surface has an anti-rust coating, which prolongs the service life of the product, and the pure solid wood handle is more environmentally friendly.



The D-shaped handle is ergonomically designed and can increase the grip of the hand. The use of polymer plastics increases the strength and toughness at the same time. The smooth surface will not hurt the hands when used for a long time.

KOLEIYA Mini D Handle Shovel Wood

  • Environmentally Friendly
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