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KRAND Infant Coordination Mirror With Pull-Up Bar


Ages: 0-3 Years
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Montessori KRAND Infant Coordination Mirror With Pull-Up Bar

Daycare & Home Use

KRAND Montessori coordination mirror helps to develop motor skills in a variety of settings, like classrooms, nurseries, kindergartens, homes playrooms, bedrooms, and classrooms. Intended for use by all ages. Adult supervision is recommended.


Helps Develop Self-Discovery

The wooden frame mirror set stimulates self-awareness and cognitive development, and inspires your baby's curiosity, providing endless entertainment and learning opportunities. Toddlers are thrilled to see themself reflected. There is a lot of giggling as they keep kissing their reflection in the mirror.


Adjustable Pull-Up Bar

Crawling babies are encouraged to pull themselves into a standing position using the rail whilst investigating their own reflection in the shatterproof safety mirror. Toddlers can use the rail to steady themselves and learn how to walk.


3 in 1 Multipurpose Use

1. By floor mounted horizontally for babies to practice tummy time, self-awareness, and crawling. 2. Rotate vertically as little boys and girls grow for use in dress-up and role-play areas. 3. Use as a wall mirror with a pull-up bar enables infants to pull themselves up and steady their feet.


Safe & Child-Friendly

Made from a solid beech frame shatterproof safety acrylic mirrors and a stable pull-up bar, which offers 5 handrail positions to accommodate your baby's growth and abilities. Features rounded edges for safety and anti-tip feet for added stability and ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for little ones.

KRAND Infant Coordination Mirror With Pull-Up Bar

  • Child-Friendly
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