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Learn Worx 101 Baby Flashcards Toddler


Ages: 1-3 Years
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Boost Vocabulary & Interactive Learning

Learn Worx Learn with me flashcards have been designed for toddlers to promote active learning, and encourage them to engage and interact, enhancing memory retention. 101 cards including food, vehicles, animals, objects, places, and more.


What Cards are Included?

The Learnworx Learn with me flash card set includes 101 double-sided cards. On the front of each card is an object, and on the reverse of each card is the same object, repeated multiple times, with a question or engaging game.


Improves Memory

Learnworx flash cards allow children to interact with the information, making it easier to retain. These cards are a great visual learning tool, designed to enhance and encourage active recollection of information.


A Great Gift to Give or Receive

Learn with me flashcards are great for birthdays, newborns, Christmas, and holiday gifting. Compact and travel-friendly, they're perfect for trips, visits to grandparents, or any adventure. Keep the fun and learning continuous for your toddler.

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