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Letz Talk Conversational Cards Ages 5-8


Ages: 5-8 Years
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Conversation Starters

Connecting with kids and preteens can be a challenge. The Letz Talk card game contains 60 age-appropriate and thought-provoking questions to get children to open up. Instead of asking "How was school today?" use these cards to learn what is really on their minds.


Open-Ended Games

Most of the other conversation cards for kids are questions that can be answered with a yes or no. Not Letz Talk cards! They allow children to form and voice opinions and talk about what is really on their minds. Some examples include: What are three things that you love about yourself? If you could change anything in the world, what would it be? or What dream do you have now that you know will come true?


Social Emotional Intelligence

Letz Talk Cards ask compelling questions that focus on social and emotional learning. This deck of cards helps develop communication skills as well as their self-esteem. It allows them to form and voice opinions without feeling scared. They are a great resource for autistic teens and individuals with Asperger's.


Build Confidence

These communication cards allow your children to share their thoughts, feelings, and dreams. When kids and teens are comfortable communicating with adults, they feel inspired and confident. Using these cards can help develop a stronger bond with your friends and family members.


Great For School and Home

Teachers can use Letz Talk cards as a writing prompt for student journals or essay assignments. They are also useful icebreaker tools for therapists and counselors in therapy sessions. Get your family talking around the dinner table with these age-appropriate thought-provoking topics. Great Easter Basket Stuffers.

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