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Lila and Leo Wagon Baby Walker


Ages: 8 Months-3 Years
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Materials: rattan.
Width: 24 inches.
Height: 22 inches.
Depth: 13 inches.

Introducing the Rainbow Rattan Toddler Push Cart, where the magic of nature meets the spectrum of imagination. Crafted for your child's nurturing play, this stroller is the epitome of dreamy adventures and heartwarming care.

Handwoven with meticulous attention to detail, the stroller boasts the timeless elegance of rattan, promising durability and a unique aesthetic. Every curve and weave speaks of craftsmanship, creating a toy that's as enchanting to look at as it is to play with.

Taking center stage is the whimsical rainbow design on the stroller's front, beautifully rendered to evoke feelings of joy and wonder. This captivating design, combined with the natural beauty of rattan, makes the stroller a standout addition to any playroom.

For the doll's utmost comfort, the stroller comes equipped with a plush cushion, ensuring every pretend walk is a cozy ride. Crafted from child-friendly materials, the cushion is soft to the touch and easy to maintain, perfect for countless imaginative journeys.

Safety, as always, is paramount. The Rainbow Rattan Toddler Push Cart features a stable base, smooth-rolling wheels, and an ergonomic handle, making it easy for little hands to maneuver.

Elevate playtime to a world filled with colors, stories, and cherished moments with the Rainbow Rattan Toddler Push Cart. It's not just a toy; it's a journey through rainbows and dreams.

Weight: 9.5lbs.

Dimensions: 22 in H x 24 in L x 13 in W.

Lila and Leo Wagon Baby Walker

  • Child-Friendly
  • Child-Safe

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