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Lily & River 2-in-1 White Sealed Pikler Triangle With Rockwall/Slide


Ages: 6 Months-5 Years
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What is the Little Climber Experience?

Play, read, and grow! The playtime experience benefits your little one physically, visually, and mentally.


Step 1 – Play

Transform your room, yard, or nursery into a fully interactive climbing experience with endless course options. Play on a light, simple course or set up an advanced and rigorous climb. Little Climber is lightweight, folds flat for simple storage, and it's weather-resistant. Enjoy climbing under the sun or on rainy days in the comfort of your home.


Step 2 – Read

Watching your little one climb is such a fun and magical time. Lily & River wanted to capture that joyful moment in the form of a book that can be read anytime. So, Lily & River created the Little Climber board book, to help you and your little one get excited and celebrate the climbing experience. "Read your book once per day and use a climber while you play. Give it time and you will see, your baby in a tree." -Little Climber


Step 3 – Grow

Little Climber is a modular product that caters to ages 6 months to 5+ years. As your little one's abilities grow, slowly advance them to the next level of difficulty by raising or moving the accessories (Rockwall, ladder, slide).


It's 100% Natural

Once your child starts crawling, they are ready to climb. It's 100% natural and something humans are designed to do, even before begin walking. Little Climber allows for both of your child's hands and feet to be active at all times, which makes the experience more organic. Children will just know what to do without prior introduction or practice.


Little Ones Love to Be Challenged

I quickly found out that children craved challenges. Their bodies yearned for the opportunity to defeat small and large hurdles. Their tiny bones were anxious to grow while their brain was hungry to monitor and record the sensations of the climb.



When your child is climbing, they are experiencing something brand new and their mind is currently overloaded with fresh information and newly discovered options. Speaking to your child in a relaxed, slow, and comforting voice is the key to unlocking a communication barrier with your little one.


Parent or Helper Supervision

The relaxed, slow, and steady tone of your voice will help your child focus on balance and body control, building muscle memory and refining their motor skills. Lily & River’s goal is not to excite or push children but to comfort and inspire them to find their next move.

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