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Maitri Learning Grammar Cards Step 2 Adjective 1


Ages: 3-6 Years
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Just what kind of cookie do we want? The adjective tells us! Play this after the article game to allow for a gradual increase in complexity. This is also where we introduce the grammar symbols which provide a graphical representation for each part of speech (for example, black triangles for nouns, blue triangles for adjectives). By repeatedly seeing the patterns (via the symbols) of how we put words together in English, children gain an innate understanding of the parts of speech.

Includes printed labels and photo cards for ten adjective phrases (the phrase is on one card and a photo of the object it describes is on a separate card); 10 of each/20 cards total
Text for adjectives is medium blue, all other text is black
Rounded corners (no pricked fingers or dog-eared cards)
Fully laminated
Comes in a sturdy, clear reclosable bag for storage
Can be displayed in Maitri Learning long cerulean blue cloth pouch
Lesson plan included
After this activity, move on to Adjective Box 2.

Created by a Montessori teacher. Eco-printed by parents/teachers/students in our rural New England office. Phrase cards are approximately 5.5 x 1.75 inches. Word cards are approximately 2.75 x 1.75 inches. Cardstock symbols are sold as part of the complete grammar set.

Made in the USA.

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