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Manhattan Toy Activity Cube Wimmer-Ferguson

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Ages: 0 Month-1 Year
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Black and White Developmental Toys

From Manhattan Toys award-winning Wimmer-Ferguson infant collection - the original innovator of black and white developmental toys. The patterns of all Wimmer-Ferguson products adapt to the baby's changes in visual development by featuring a range of design complexity and color, inspired by laboratory research.

Learning Cube Soft Baby Toy Details

The Wimmer-Ferguson learning cube activity toy includes six sides of hands-on developmental activities including ribbons, crinkle paper, a bungee elephant trunk, a rattle, a squeaker, textured teething ring, peek-a-boo flaps, baby-safe mirror. Baby can't possibly get bored, but may tire out from all the exciting touch-and-feel goodness to play with.

Made for Little Hands

Baby activity toy helps nurture cause and effect learning and clutching skills: baby activity toy suitable for newborns and up; soft cube measures 6 inches l x 6 inches w x 6 inches h; surface wash only.

Visually Appealing High-Contrast Toys for Infants

Professional research has shown that newborns are more attracted to high-contrast patterns than to color or brightness alone. The Wimmer-Ferguson baby learning cube was designed for this purpose, encouraging babies to learn pattern recognition from the start.

Wimmer-Ferguson Collection by Manhattan Toy

The developmental toys for babies and infants in the Wimmer-Ferguson collection encourage eye-hand coordination, gross motor activity, self-awareness, a sense of object permanence, and experience with cause and effect.

Manhattan Toy Activity Cube Wimmer-Ferguson

  • Baby-Friendly

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