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Meritline Twin Size Floor House Bed Frame With Rails & Roof White


Ages: 15 Months and Up
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Twin House Bed for Kids

You can put tents on the twin house floor bed, so your kids will have their own private space where they can play hide and seek with their friends or siblings, and also afford a safe and sound sleep.


Twin House Bed Low to Ground

Thanks to the semi-enclosed space of the twin house floor bed, your kids will have their own sleeping space that affords a comforting atmosphere for better sleep while not sacrificing air circulation.


Toddler Twin Bed Frame

The toddler twin bed frame is constructed with a sturdy pinewood frame that can enhance stability and durability. Slats are not included, you need to buy extra box springs or a foundation.


Montessori Floor Bed House for Toddlers

Featuring a roof and fence, this unique Montessori floor bed house for toddlers creates a fun and adorable space that serves as a cozy sleeping area and also doubles as a playground.


Solid Wood Twin House Bed Frame

Overall twin house floor bed frame dimensions: 78. inches L x 4 inches W x 70.5 inches H. Weight capacity: no limit. This wood house floor bed will come in 1 package with clear instructions and hardware.


Meritline is a furnite company. It offers products for bedroom, kitchen and dining, living room, terrace and garden.

The designs of their products are unique and beautiful, and will surely captivate one's heart.

If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to reach out. Meritline's team is always standby to answer to your queries.

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