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Miniartis Hand Bells 8 Notes Diatonic Colorful Metal Set


Ages: 3-8 Years
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Great Instrument for Toddlers

Bells set for kids, hand bells child's percussion instrument which make playing songs a breeze! Handbells music and flash cards for kids are a great early educational toy, suitable for children aged 3 years and up. The Miniartis music bells features 8 notes (C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C), each making clear and rich sounds, with the bright rainbow colors with diatonic scale position and tones color coded. Perfect hand bells musical instruments.


Premium Package Set for Budding Musicians

Instruments music bells 8 chromatic musical hand bells for toddlers, made from durable eco-friendly materials, lightweight, well-tuned, and ideally sized for children. They have included 15 popular songs such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Jingle Bells to get your child off to a great start! Included flashcards and case for traveling or storage, and an enjoyable Oscar gift box. Everything a child needs to get started with their musical journey!


Nurture Your Child's Development

Children's music toys have many positive effects on learning, supporting intelligence and brain development. Musical bell instrument has the ability to activate different areas of the brain at once, helping to improve many important skills including language, speech, listening, reading, creative thinking, and memory. The bells help to increase coordination and fine motor skills. Following the colors to play a song provides a sense of pride and accomplishment.


Designed for Kids

Meet Oscar! He comes from a galaxy of rhythms & melodies and he has a passion for kids musical instruments. Oscar finds great joy in teaching children how to play the 8-note handbells and practicing with bell ringing and music songbook with learning flashcards makes for a fun learning experience full of laughter and creativity. Play percussion bell set is great for kids, parents, beginners, preschoolers, therapy, daycare centers, kindergarten, teachers, and classrooms.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Miniartis loves its customers and it takes pride in providing a pleasant shopping experience. Please keep in mind, it usually takes about a week to get used to the hand bells set. If for any reason you're unhappy with your purchase, it offers a full refund no questions asked! It's available to answer your questions, 24/7, and is always happy to hear from you, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with Miniartis!

Miniartis Hand Bells 8 Notes Diatonic Colorful Metal Set

  • Environmentally Friendly

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