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Momo & Nashi Memory Game Summer Camp

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Ages: 3 Years and Up
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Kids Matching Memory Game Set

An entertaining play set that helps young learners stimulate and challenge their minds in a fun, easy-to-learn game! Combine learning and play so that your kids learn to associate learning with fun and set them down the road to being lifelong learners.

Includes 16 matching card pairs, 3 inches in diameter - Designed for either solo or group learners. Preschool toddler memory game for boys & girls to train faster cognition, memory and concentration.

Kids will love the fun summer camp theme that features vibrant, colorful and artist-commissioned artwork, highlighted by polished double-sided gloss printing. High-quality and long-lasting build, with designs that will make your kids insist on more game time!

Made of durable 3 mm chipboard, enclosed in a reinforced packaging box to protect the cards when not in use. Enjoy a long-lasting and reusable game set that can be used for years and generations.

Concentration memory card matching games for toddler preschool kids ages 3 and up. Safety-tested and compliant with ASTM F963 & CPSIA.


Momo & Nashi


What makes their products unique?

They prioritize cognitive development, making their products an excellent gift option for parents seeking quality educational toys. Their in-house designed learning activities are engaging and keep learning fun!


Why do they love what they do?

Designing education games for young children brings them joy and fulfilment, knowing that they are contributing to the growth and development of they community.


What problem are they solving?

They aim to provide a fun and engaging way for children to learn and develop important skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity.

Momo & Nashi Memory Game Summer Camp

  • High-Quality

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