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Montessori Mama Spinning Drum Rainbow

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Ages: 6-12 Months
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Montessori 11

Educational Stimulation

The Montessori Mama spinning rainbow drum is thoughtfully designed to promote early auditory development. As your baby spins the drum, the bells within create captivating sounds that help stimulate auditory sensory development and understanding of cause and effect.


Premium Quality and Safety

Crafted from durable and sturdy wood, Montessori Mama spinning rainbow toys ensure your little one's safety as they explore and learn. The soft, rounded edges and non-toxic paint ensure it's a perfect Montessori toy for babies 6-12 months.


Vibrant and Engaging Colors

Each side of the Montessori Mama spinning rainbow drum features a different vibrant color, providing visual stimulation and encouraging recognition of colors. The sound of the bells combined with the rotating colors keep your baby Montessori toy engaged and entertained.


Authentic Montessori Toy

In line with the Montessori philosophy of fostering independent learning, this sensory tummy time wobbler toy encourages self-initiated play, supports fine motor skills development, and promotes hand-eye coordination. Your baby will be introduced to the fundamental learning concepts in a fun, immersive way.


Perfect Gift Option

The spinning rainbow drum comes in a beautifully crafted premium box, making it an ideal gift for baby showers, birthdays, or any special occasion. Benefit from Montessori Mama's gift wrapping service and personalized messaging options at checkout for a stress-free gifting experience.

Montessori Mama Spinning Drum Rainbow

  • Baby-Friendly
  • Baby-Safe Materials
  • Non-Toxic

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