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Montessori & Me Object Permanence Box


Ages: 6-12 Months
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Experience the Magic

Montessori & Me Object Permanence Box is the ultimate Montessori tool for your child's development! Crafted from eco-friendly hardwood, and coated with child-safe lacquer, it offers a lasting finish. Watch as they place the ball, witnessing its vanishing act and reemergence in the tray. With joyful repetition, they'll master object permanence, enhancing hand-eye coordination and focus. Unlock their potential with this exceptional learning aid, igniting curiosity and a love for learning!


Natural Development

Peekaboo captivates infants as it aligns with their evolving comprehension of object permanence – the realization that objects exist even when unseen. A pivotal developmental milestone in the initial year, mastering this concept deeply engages them. They delight in the familiar face or toy vanishing and reappearing, fostering cognitive growth.


Classic Montessori

Introduced around 6-12 months when infants can sit up, the object permanence box is a staple Montessori tool. It fosters object permanence and sharpens hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, focus, and concentration – all crucial aspects of a child's development.


How It's Used

Infants interact with the object permanence box by inserting a large wooden ball through the top hole. The ball vanishes briefly inside the box and then reemerges, rolling into a tray for easy retrieval. Through repeated play, infants strengthen their grasp of object permanence, frequently engaging in the task until they attain mastery.


Safety Guaranteed

The Montessori & Me object permanence box is made from natural, sustainably sourced wood, and all materials exceed lab testing standards for 100% non-toxic safety. Ball size surpasses child-safety regulations for non-choking hazards. The surface of both box and ball are smoothed to perfection, so you can rest assured it is completely safe for baby!

Montessori & Me Object Permanence Box

  • Child-Safe
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Non-Toxic
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