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Montessori & Me Rainbow Colored Sorting Wooden Balls Set

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Ages: 18 Months-5 Years
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Exciting Sorting Activity

The Color Sorting Ball Set is a sorting activity that may be introduced to toddlers in their sensitive period for order. During this period, toddlers seek to create a sense of consistency and order in their natural surroundings, often categorizing objects based on characteristics such as color.


Develops Gross and Fine Motor Skills

In transferring the balls between bowl and cups, and sorting them by color, children will naturally build both gross and fine motor skills. Younger children who have not yet developed the coordination and dexterity to use the spoon can still engage in this activity with their hands!


Drawstring Storage Bag Included

The included heavy-duty drawstring bag makes cleanup and organization a total breeze! Just return the balls to the bag, stack the cups and you’re good to go!


Quality Materials

Montessori & Me Color Sorting Ball Set features cups and a bowl made from molded wood flour. This unique composite material greatly reduces plastic use, while still maintaining strength and durability. The balls and spoon are made from natural hardwoods.


Safety is a Priority

Unlike many competing products, the large balls in Montessori & Me Color Sorting Ball Set are purposefully sized at 46mm to ensure that they are NOT a potential choking hazard, and as with all Montessori & Me materials, this product has passed rigorous compliance testing and conforms with federal regulated safety standards.

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