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Montessori & Me Screwdriver Board Set


Ages: 3-10 Years
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Develop Fine Motor Skills

The Montessori approach recognizes that a child's potential for learning is greatest when provided with tactile, multisensory tools. A screw board capitalizes on this concept by helping children develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills while simultaneously training the muscles of the hand. All this while letting them experience the joy of twisting, turning, and fastening nuts and bolts on their own and in a safe environment.


Ultimate Practical Life Activity

Children can develop real-world skills with this hands-on, natural solid wooden screw board. Real tools. Real parts. Real wood. Dr. Montessori found that children thrive on accomplishments when they are able to complete real work with real tools and materials. That's why the Montessori & Me screw board features all real components which are higher quality, work better, and are more efficient.


Quality Built Materials

The Montessori & Me screw board includes 5 unique fasteners (hex bolt, thumbscrew, wing nut, Phillips screw bolt, and Allen key bolt), each of which requires a different tool or hand and finger motion to fasten and unfasten. The 3 included tools are uniquely sized for small hands but quality built to stand the test of time.


Fine Craftsmanship

The Montessori & Me screw board is crafted from a solid block of sustainably sourced, durable hardwood and measures 9 x 4 x 1.5 inches. Rounded edges and corners provide safer and easier handling for young children. Two custom-fitted cutouts are perfectly sized to house all the included tools and hardware, making cleanup and storage quick and easy!


Safety Guarantee

The Montessori & Me screw board is free of lead and other toxic heavy metals. Tested for compliance with federal regulations in a CPSC-accepted laboratory. Its screw board meets all prescribed safety standards so that you can rest assured it is safe for your little one!

Montessori & Me Screwdriver Board Set

  • CPSC
  • Non-Toxic

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