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Montessori & Me Small Weaning Chair


Ages: 6-23 Months
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This listing is for 1 12-inch chair that can be used as both a chair and a table.



This weaning table-chair serves as an infant chair, toddler chair, stool, and table. Its extreme versatility allows it to easily transform based on your child’s needs, whether for sitting, eating, working on a tabletop activity, or giving them that extra bit of height to grab something just beyond their reach!


Grows With Your Child

Perfect for younger children, 6 months and up! This small 12-inch chair serves as an infant chair from the moment your child is able to sit up independently! Variable seating heights allow the chair to grow with your child in three different seating positions through toddlerhood. Furthermore, the chair can also serve as a tabletop!


Montessori Teacher Approved

This table-chair is designed to foster your child’s independence and give them a sense of ownership. Create a special, perfectly-sized weaning space for your little one, or set it up as an arts and crafts corner. Perfect for a Montessori home or classroom.


Quality & Longevity

You can count on this table-chair set lasting through the years! Crafted from sustainably sourced hardwood and sealed with a child-safe lacquer for a smooth, beautiful, lasting finish, this robust chair is ready to take on everything your child has to offer!

Montessori & Me Small Weaning Chair

  • Child-Safe
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