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Montessori N’ Such Jumbo Wood Knob Pegboard Set


Ages: 2 Years and Up
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Montessori peg board

Exploring shapes and patterns is helpful for a child to understand the environment. This wooden pegboard helps develop fine motor skills as well as sorting and patterning skills in a fun and interactive way!

Perfect for ages 2+, this set features 21 vibrantly colored, large round wooden pegs that are easy for small hands to grasp. Children enjoy fitting them into the custom wooden circular board, organizing them by color or pattern as they advance. Using two sets, a child can replicate a pattern from one board to the other for an even greater challenge!

Wooden pegboard set

Develops fine motor coordination, sorting, and patterning skills

Age group 2 years and above

Includes 11-inch maple board with 21 pegs in four colors

Extra pegs are available and sold separately

Sturdy wooden construction

Made in the USA

Product dimensions 11 x 2 inches

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