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Montessori N’ Such Sequential Wood Sorting Trays & Accessories Kit


Ages: 3 Years and Up
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Three classroom ready sorting sets have been put together to meet the needs of children at various developmental levels.


The first set consists of Montessori N’ Such three-compartment sorting tray and 15 rubbery pom-poms (5 of each color), in 3 different brilliant colors (colors may vary).


Montessori N’ Such second set includes their four-compartment sorting tray and 32 different beads in a mixture of colors (4 different objects).


Montessori N’ Such third and most challenging set is made up of their 6 compartment sorting tray and 60 sparkling colored acrylic gemstones in six different shapes (10 of each shape such as triangle, heart, round, square, pear, octagon and others; shapes may vary).

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