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MOVEBO Quiet Busy Book My Small Room


Ages: 3 Years and Up
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MOVEBO Felt Book Quiet Book My Small Room

Fun activity book. How you wake up, and then you dress yourself, and cook, have a beautiful dinner.


Because Your Baby Deserves the Best

MOVEBO durable felt fabric books are designed to outlast even the roughest toddlers! Handcrafted from polyester felt, MOVEBO books are absolutely non-toxic and safe for your baby. The stitching is strong for extra durability. When it comes to quality, MOVEBO doesn’t compromise!


The Perfect Gift

Packed in a gift box, More than anything, MOVEBO wants to give a present for a baby shower or birthday. Once a child has a love for reading, it is a lifetime gift! MOVEBO hopes all children get introduced to the fun of enjoying books. This love for playing will give your baby a flying start and will make your child ready for life; Besides, the most important thing is life skill improvement, and interactivity with parents.

MOVEBO Quiet Busy Book My Small Room

  • Non-Toxic
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