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MOVEBO Travel Quiet Book Jungle


Ages: 3-5 Years
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Montessori MOVEBO Travel Quiet Book Jungle

Toddler Toys

The quiet busy book not only can help toddlers to develop their fine motor skills, but also can stimulate their imagination, start learning about jungle animals early, and open their mind. Quiet books for toddlers 3 years to touch and feel, and it is a durable sensory toy.


Montessori Toys for 3-Year-Old

This preschool activity book features with 8 learning activities, designed (including the front page) for 3-year-old girls & boys when playing this busy book, toddlers focus on velcro tape and practice on the zipper snaps, buttons toys, and others. They also can study the knowledge of the jungle, it also has 5 puppets (elephant, monkey, zebra, giraffe, and hippo) to play with separately.


Learning & Education toys

The basic life skills activities from this Montessori activity book make it suitable as a home-school educational toy for 3 years and up. It also is a very creative storybook.


Machine Washable

The quiet book is made of friendly soft fabric, in order to retain its shape and quality, you can put it into a washing bag (not included), then put it into the washing machine to clean, keep your toddler travel toys always clean.


Ideal for Travelling and Outdoors

This carry-on fabric quiet book for toddlers will entertain your child on a long car journey or a plane ride, at a restaurant, in a doctor’s waiting room, in church, or at an office. Ideal toddler toys age 3 years.

MOVEBO Travel Quiet Book Jungle

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