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MSS Inc Card Game Conversation Game Let's Mingle


Ages: 12 Years and Up
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Conversation Starters for Kids

The best family-time fun dinner-time game! Mindfulness for kids is a value that can be instilled at a young age. Kids games like Let’s Mingle Kids can help establish mindfulness values.


Great Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Product

Card games are great for establishing CBT techniques. Kids really learn through games and kids' games can help wire or rewire cognitive behavioral patterns.


Wonderful School Counselor Gift

School counselor games can help establish a relationship with a kid. Counselor games for kids will build a relationship while having fun and establishing trust.


Promotes Growth Mindset

Growth mindset for kids is one of the most valuable skills for a child to learn. Problem-solving for kids is what builds and promotes creativity and resourcefulness in a child. Games early on can help promote a growth mindset.


One of the Best Kids Game

Whether you’re looking for a car game, family activity games, counselor games for kids, or even Easter basket stuffers, Let’s Mingle Kids will be a fun product for any category.

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