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Open The Joy Anger Management Card Game


Ages: 4 Years and Up
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Montessori anger

Anger Management for Kids

Features proven techniques used by childcare specialists and therapists to help children manage their feelings and increase their emotional intelligence.


Designed for Kids and Adults

Presented in an easy-to-follow format that children of all ages can grasp. Adults will also enjoy playing this therapeutic card game with their kids.


Colorful Hand Illustration

Each of the 42+ cards has an instruction for the child to follow paired with an illustrated example.


Develop Emotional Intelligence

All prompts can be done independently to allow children to improve social skills and develop emotional intelligence. Therapeutic, educational cards to learn lifelong skills.


Great for Easy Parenting

Cards are designed to support parents for easy parenting and can also be used by teachers and therapists to teach children anger management skills.


Build Lifelong Skills

Open The Joy anger management game cards teach universal calming methods that can be beneficial throughout both childhood and adulthood.

Open The Joy Anger Management Card Game

  • Child-Friendly

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