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Open The Joy Card Game Would You Rather


Ages: 4-6 Years
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Montessori would you

Entertaining Conversation Starters for Kids

Open The Joy’s kids would you rather game playing cards are the perfect form of entertainment for young and developing minds.


Standard Playing Card Deck

Two-sided cards, on one side these cards are a fully functional set of playing cards and on the other side, the cards have thought-provoking silly questions.


Develop Kids’ Imagination

Expand your child’s thinking with clever situations that reinforce creative learning with this would you rather cards kids card game.


Build Emotional Intelligence

Dilemma questions shared between friends will foster children’s social skills, self-esteem, imagination, and sense of humor and will help develop critical listening and thinking skills.


54+ Silly Question Cards

Have a giraffe’s long neck or an elephant’s trunk? These silly dilemma cards will keep you laughing, pondering, and bonding!


Boredom Buster

Cards are the most versatile to that can entertain people of all ages and can be played alone, with a friend, or even within larger groups.


100% Screen-Free Fun

Provides screen-free entertainment for the whole family.

Open The Joy Card Game Would You Rather

  • Double-Sided

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