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PlayWilder Toys The PlayWilder Cube


Ages: 6 Months and Up
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All of PlayWilder Toys Montessori materials are made from the highest quality, nontoxic baltic birch wood, and their Montessori climbing cube is no exception! You can purchase their cube in a climbing set of 3, a climbing set of 5, or by itself! Their sets are inspired by the original design of Hungarian pediatrician, Emmi Pikler. Their cube is wonderful for climbers ages 6 months and up. Your child will enjoy climbing the cube, crawling through the cube, and using it for imaginative play. Watch their motor skills and creativity grow with every playtime!

Height: 18 ¾ inches
Width: 21 ⅛ inches
Length:19 ½ inches
Between dowels: 4 ½ inches
Circle diameter: 14 inches


Dimensions, Weight Limits, and Quality Assurance

PlayWilder Toys’ Montessori products are rated for use by children up to 225 lbs, so multiple children climbing on the gym will be no issue. Every product is sanded down and finished to be very smooth and safe for all ages. They inspect each and every piece that leaves their shop and have strict guidelines for quality.


Safety Standards

All of PlayWilder Toys’ climbing products are built to the standards of, and tested by a CPSIA certified facility. They have also undergone stability testing based on the NSAI standard BS EN 71-8 6.2.2. If that wasn't enough, PlayWilder Toys products are made of the thickest materials, comparable to any similar products on Etsy, and are built to last a lifetime.


Nontoxic Wood

PlayWilder Toys chooses to use the highest grade of baltic birch wood available for purchase. While it is not the most cost-effective solution, it is incredibly strong and completely free of harmful chemicals. Their wood is NAF-certified and CARB-compliant. PlayWilder Toys does not treat their wood with any chemicals because they value your family’s health.


Please be Advised

When wood is in its natural state and soaks up minerals from the ground, it creates a large spectrum of natural coloration in the grain. Varied streaks of coloration may occur in our pieces, ranging from blue, green, purple, red, yellow, or dark gray. This does not affect the integrity of the wood in any way, rather, it is a common occurrence when working with natural materials. Color variation is not grounds for replacement or returns.



If you live in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or any type of Military base, additional shipping charges may apply. PlayWilder Toys will assume $65 of shipping fees. Any additional fees over $65 will be at the customer’s expense. Please reach out to them directly to get an accurate shipping cost for your location.

PlayWilder Toys The PlayWilder Cube

  • CPSIA Compliant
  • High-Quality
  • Non-Toxic
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