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Pressman Word Game Don't Say It!

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Ages: 6 Years and Up
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On each card, there is a base word and four words that a team member can't say to describe the base word

Can you get your team to say "pig" without saying "pork," "sty," "bacon" or "porky"?

Unique sliding door on the card holder allows players to choose from three different levels of difficulty

With three levels of gameplay, it's a fun game choice for kids of all ages

For 2 or more teams, ages 6 and up


Don't Say It! by Pressman

Don't Say It! has three levels of play, so it's fun for kids of all ages. Can you get your team to say "sheep"? It's not as easy as it sounds, especially when you can't say baa, lamb, or flock! Try and go through as many cards as you can before the buzzer sounds. If you say a forbidden word, you lose points! The first team to earn 100 points wins!


This fun, fast-paced game will have you racking your brain for out-of-the-box clues. This is great for helping kids expand their vocabulary. There are three levels of play to vary the degree of challenge.


Don't Say It! Game Contents

Electronic timer

100 game cards with 200 topics

Card holder with sliding door

Pencil and score pad

Complete instructions

Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)


Playing the Game

Gameplay encourages thinking outside the box!


Teams race the clock to earn cards by guessing the word on each card from clues given by one of their players. The player cannot use any of the forbidden words listed which can take some creativity! Can you describe the word "bird" without saying feather, wings, flying or tweet? Earn points for correct answers, and lose points for using forbidden words! Before starting, cards are placed in the cardholder which is adjustable for different levels of play.


Unique Card Holder Allows for 3 Levels of Play

The difficulty levels are determined by how many words you are not allowed to say as you try to get your team to guess the main word. Younger players may choose easy (can’t say two words) while the older members may choose medium (can’t say three words) or difficult (can’t say four words). Players move the cover of the card holder to the level of difficulty desired before starting the timer (see illustrations).


It's an Exciting Race Against the Clock!

Teams have 60 seconds to guess as many cards as possible before the timer gives one final long beep. At that time, the team’s turn ends, and their score is calculated based on the colored cards they earned. Points are deducted for any cards that were unsuccessful. The first team to reach 100 points wins!

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