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Rock-A-Toy Montessori Placemat Boho


Ages: 2-5 Years
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Montessori Rock-A-Toy Montessori Placemat Boho

Table setting is a practical life skill that can give your preschooler extra confidence and independence. Setting the table is a short and easy activity to do. It is so important for children to learn how to set the table correctly.

Rock-A-Toy’s 100% cotton Montessori placemat offers a unique and delightful way for children to master new subjects and for adults to brush up on old ones; from preschoolers to grandparents there is a placemat for everyone. They’ll know where everything goes thanks to Montessori-inspired details.

Rock-A-Toy’s inspiration is the Montessori concept that children learn best by doing. This toddler placemat design helps them set the table with no instruction as they follow the appliqued place setting. Just put it on the table and kids aged 2-5 years old will know just what to do!

In Montessori, babies and toddlers are given as many real experiences as possible when it comes to eating. What Rock-A-Toy means is that they are given the chance to eat at a real table, with real dishes, and the chance to feed themselves. The same goes for other children as they grow. Children are complete humans from birth who deserve respect, love, and beauty. Giving them real materials helps to provide all that and more. So many wonderful possibilities and opportunities. A placemat may not seem like much, but it really is. It provides a baby/toddler with the chance to use real materials, speaks to their sense of order, and gives them (or plants the seeds for) the ability to set the table, and it's a beautiful touch. Practically, it can also make eating easier by keeping plates/bowls cups from sliding around.

Size: 38 cm x 28 cm.
Materials: 100% cotton.

Just rinse it under the water tap after use. It can also be washed in the washing machine (max 30ºC).

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