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Schleich Bath Toys Wild Life Starter-Set Action Figure

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Ages: 3 Years and Up
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Welcome To The Wild

A zebra, an African elephant calf, a chimpanzee cub, and a lion make up this wonderful assortment of animals - a perfect start to your collection.


Animal Magic

All children aged 3+ can explore the animal kingdom with these safari animals! Travel the plains of the savanna and swing from the jungle's trees.


Learn and Play

Schleich animal toys are modeled in the finest detail to help children learn about animals worldwide and fall in love with nature and wildlife.


Explore The Wild

Safari, forest, and jungle animals – all of the many different exotic species fascinate the rangers at the Wild Life Ranger Adventure Station (sold separately)


Stories Begin With Schleich

From Schleich horses and farms to prehistoric dinosaurs, explore this world and beyond, unleashing the limitless possibilities of storytelling and imaginative play.

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